Running from trouble part 6

Running from trouble part 6

Yay time for part six. We haven't had school because of all the snow! Yay snow!

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When you woke up you were in a jail cell with Sapphire and I passed out. You ran over to us and tried to shake us awake.

*slaps you two awake*. (Me&Sapphire: *turn dark super form*.) 0_0
*poors water on faces*. (Me: Where'd you get that?) idk
*shaking us awake*.
*stares at us*. (Me: Really?)
*pokes us*.

We woke up and looked at you. "Ow my head," I complained. "Where are we?" You asked. I walked up to the wall and put my ear on it. "What are you doing?" You asked. "I'm half bat I can hear very well now be quiet." I listened as a little doll that looked like Tails with a jewel sticking out of it was next to you.

Cute a doll of Tails! <3 (Me&Sapphire: 0_0)

You picked up the doll and showed it to Alexis. "No!" I screamed. "Get rid of that!" I screamed again. "It's just a doll it's not going to do anything," You said staring at her. Sapphire looked just as shocked as me.

Creepy Tails doll!
Do we even know about the Tails doll? (Me: No)
He's so scary and covered in blood. (Me: *passes out*) 0_0;
But he's so cute! <3 (Me: O_O your scary)

I stared at it and took a pair of keys out of its hands. Luckily it opened the cell and we ran out. "Where are the guys?" "I think I heard them around here somewhere." We all split up and you saw the guys passed out.

Sonic no!

You opened the cell and walked inside. Sonic opened his eyes and looked at you.

*hugs Sonic*
Hi bro!

Sonic just sat up and rubbed his head. Alexis and Sapphire came in and hugged him. "Who are you people? Who am I?" Sonic asked. Alexis ran up to Shadow, Sapphire ran to Silver, and you ran you to Tails but when they woke up they couldn't remember anything either. sorry ending here. Bye. ;)