what tipe of worrers cat are you

see what cat you are most like!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

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a clan invades what do you do

run and tell somecat
fight for your clan
be the tell cats to fight

your fellow cats get sick what do you do

get them medasin as soon as you can
hunt for you and them
try to do any thing that you can

when a clan invades your clan loses some land and cats get hurt what do you do

help as soon as you can
get help you cant help them by your self
make sore that no one is hurt to badly

some cats go out to hunt but do not come back what do you do

tell somecat and stay incace thay come back
go out and try to find them
lead the serch and hope to find them

dogs attack and thy are to many of them what do you do

go find more cats and hurry
stand and fight
tell all the cats to fight