Which Corrie villain are you?

The cobbles of Coronation Street have seen many a wrong 'un over the years, but which one are you most like?

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What clothing do you feel most comfortable in?

Anything sleek and sexy - especially if I'm trying to win someone over.
A sharp suit and tie combo.
I like to dress up in uniform when I get the chance.
T-shirt and jeans - keep it casual.
Anything leather, baby.

Favourite tipple?

A bellini - the perfect accompaniment to a night out.
Make mine a large white wine - if you're paying!
A pint suits me fine.
A cup of chamomile helps me calm down.
A good strong cup of coffee gets me going in the morning.

What was your best subject at school?

Business studies.
Elocution lessons.
Advanced flower arranging.

You're out at the cinema. Which type of film are you most likely to be seeing?

Artistic foreign flicks help me keep up my language skills.
Something to keep me thinking, like a good detective drama.
Slasher movies are always good for a laugh!
I'd probably be with my kids at a family comedy.
A good thriller keeps me on my toes.

What are your redeeming features?

I'm quite a charmer with the opposite sex...
I'd protect my family to the death.
I'm not afraid to speak my mind.
Despite my flaws, it's hard to hate me.
I have a strong sense of justice.

Who do you like to prey on?

Anyone showing signs of weakness.
Gullible old women.
Horny old women.
Family members - especially my mother.
My other half.

How do you feel about money?

I like to spend as much of other people's as possible!
I can get by without it, but I wouldn't say no to a little more...
As long as I have my family, it's not that important to me.
A fool and his money are soon parted...
It's my life!

Weapon of choice?

Any household object will do - whatever I can lay my hands on!
My mind.
A rusty crowbar.
A tacky statue.
I just need a staircase.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Socialising with potential clients.
Going on dates - as long as someone else is paying!
Kicking back with the Xbox.
I'm a new parent - do you think I have any spare time?
Sitting in the Rovers, passing judgement on other people.

How do you feel about murder?

I may be bad but I wouldn't go that far.
You gotta do what you gotta do...
Absolutely not - I'd much prefer a battle of wits than fisticuffs!
I'd say no, but who knows what I may be driven to if I get angry?
I could certainly acquire a taste for it...

What's the best method for seeing off your enemies?

Whack 'em over the head and scarper.
Using my powers of manipulation.
Psychological warfare.
Giving them a good beating!
Making snidey comments about them until they lose the will to live.