What kind of person are you (4)

What kind of person are you (4)

Have you ever wondered what your personality's like? Probobly not.:) well too bad. Here it is.

published on January 27, 201416 responses 3

When you go to a party, what do you do

Sit in the middle of the floor and ask people where your Aunt Betsy is.
Flirt with EVERYONE at the party
Grab the microphone from the DJ and show the people(fans) what youve got. Comedian/singer/dancer/rapper, here you come!
Eat your food, your friends food, everyone else's foods, and then follow the aroma of bacon into the kitchen
Sit in a corner crying about the fact that your teacher broke her pinky. POOR HER!

when Valentines day comes around, you

Order yourself some chocolates, with a note saying, "Your stomach loves you right now!"
Cry cuz no one got you anything.
Wonder how flowers felt when they got cut and sent away from their families.
send almost everyone flowers and chocolates, even to a bankrupt point!
Whisper to the biggest gossiper in the school that Kate just got asked out by Juan

You walk into lunch and you...

Fist bump your lunch ladies. There the best friends a person can have
Sit in the middle of the jocks table and smile sweetly at everyone.
Fake pass out to create a little comotion.
Ask where the lunch room is
skip through the hallways, singing Annie and dancing with your disgusting Computer teacher, but then start crying at the thought of the nail you just chipped

What do you do on your free time?

Go o n a hot steaming date
Do karoake with your friends. or more like, sing the whole time while your friends just sit there.
Watch a taco spin on the computer for 45 minutes(AKA:Shannon)
Look into the mirror and fall into hysterical crying at the sight of your face.
Study your sock, wondering that if you mismatch your socks, if they would become heartbroken, or make a new and strong marriage.

on the social pyramid who are you?

The top of the top. Who cant love you? I mean, you pretty much are the god of gods
Down at the bottom cuz everyone is scared that if they talk to you, they will either get smile akwardly at, cryed all over, or laughed at
The topest of the top. You rock, You are perfect , and you rock at 'passing things along' You are the best!
The bottom cuz you take everyones food. And ur a little, well, akward.
Wha....? I am the predator of the beanie babies!