Which Disney Villain Are You?

Which Disney Villain Are You?

Which Disney villain are you most like? Hook? Scar? Ursula? Cruella DeVille?

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Your deadly sin?

All of the above?

Describe yourself with one of these cocktails...

Mojito - Easy & Appealing.
Pear Batida - The life of the Party.
Cherry Punch - Beautiful & Bubbly.
Naughty Girl Scout - Loud & Full of Flavour.
Spicy Peach - Fiery & Strong.
Pink Margarita - Delightful & Memorable.
Champagne Dream - Simple & Elegant.
Festive Martini - Funky & Smooth.

What scares or upsets you the most?

The heat, especially fire.
Being left out and feeling like people don't notice my existence.
Being hurt or betrayed.
Not winning.
Being out-smarted by a dumb f*ck.
High pitched squeals and cackling.
Being told I'm unable to do something.
Animals that are dangerous. It's like a ticking time-bomb and any moment they will snap!

What would be your choice of minion/pet?

Someone who is just like me.. but then again why do I need them? I'm ruthless just the way I am.
A loyal pet who will adore me, as I do them.
I'd like to have multiple minions and pets, as they keep me company.
A comical side-kick who will always lighten my mood.
I'd like two spies please.
Ones that can take care of "business" no problem, so I don't have to.
I can look after myself, but I suppose having bodyguards would make me feel more secure.
Someone who will be my friend through thick and thin.

Your response to someone p***ing you off...

Count to 10 and if they're still irritating me.. all hell breaks loose!
Calmly and politely tell them to back off or you will rip out their throat.
Comically give them a smart remark at how simple minded and stupid they are.
I can handle pressure or stupid people calmly until they involve someone I care for. When this happens they will definitely and unforgettably feel my wrath.
I have a sharp tongue when I'm angry with anybody, whether I care for them or not.
Where does that muthaf*cka live? I knew they'd start again!
Use your charm to kindly tell them to f*ck off. They clearly underestimate you.
I listen to what they have to say, and then eagerly plot my revenge... and it won't be at all pretty.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how strong would you say you are?

10. Them bi*ches be fleeing when they see me!
4. What I lack in physical strength I make up for with intelligence.
7. I'm very meaty but strong willed too.
5 (ish?)
8 baby!
About 9, my enemy seems to be physically stronger than me, but I can out-smart them any day!
Ha! 3.. I'm a weakling and hate physical violence.
Around 6.. but I don't like physical fighting.. I just tend to prod them with my stick.

Which film represents your life?

Lord of the Rings: I like to tackle anything that comes my way. I have been on one hell of a rollercoaster adventure, but I wouldn't change anything as we all learn from our mistakes.
The Butterfly Effect: You actually cared a lot about people and want to go back in the past to change things that went wrong. You had a weird kind of past which meant you had to grow up early.
Mean Girls: I was an outsider who people didn't seem to want to get to know at first. I tried to fit in, but in the end they only stabbed me in the back and I came to realise that my true friends were there waiting for me all along.
The Iron Giant: I can be mean but I can also be great and powerful. People judge me before they know me and that really gets on my nerves.
Chronicle: I was misunderstood and not treated very well growing up, even though I loved and treated people with respect. I knew not to judge a book by it's cover.
Stephen King's "IT": All my life I have tricked people and I love just scaring the sh*t out of people by playing pranks!
The Breakfast Club: I had friends, but was a little misunderstood too, I suppose. All my friends were completely different to eachother, but they were true friends and I wouldn't change them for the world.
Are We There Yet?: All my life I seem to be searching for something. Whether it's happiness, love, fortune.. but I just can't seem to reach my goal yet. I wonder how much more I can take, as I don't feel I have achieved anything yet.

What is your style?

Smart & Casual.
Elegant & Beautiful.
Comfortable & Stylish.
Regal & Memorable.
Quirky & Out-There.
I don't care how I look. One day I could look like a king, the next day a hobo.
Fashionable & Expensive.
Flamboyant but comfortable.

PARTY TIME! What are you doing?

Having a drink, maybe a chat, but god help the person who stands on my feet whilst dancing >:(
I smile, mingle, have a drink and will never show myself up. I'm happy just to be made part of this do to begin with.
Life and soul of the party baby! Showing everyone how to bust their moves like me!
Eurgh, party means dancing. Dancing means happy people. Fine.. I'll go for a drink but don't expect me to smile or be happy about it.
Do a little dance.. Make a little love.. Get down tonight!
I'm still deciding whether to go or not. Maybe I could just gatecrash?
I'm there in one of my best suits/gowns. I mingle and maybe dance a little bit but I'm more interested in flaunting my best assets.
I tend to sit in the corner, usually with a strong drink, envying the confident dancers.

Your enemy is begging on your doorstep for forgiveness. What do you do?

Ignore the door (for their own safety) as you could easily tear them a new one right now.
Answer the door. Listen to what they have to say, tell them you will "think about it" and always keep a close eye on them.
Bribe them. They want forgiveness? I want something pretty!
LMFAO! ...No.
Hmm.. Maybe I could use them to my advantage... afterall, I have wanted someone to negotiate with people for me.. Yes, okay, I'll forgive them. (Mwuahaha)
I say yes, only so it's easier to get my revenge.
Well.. I do need some more people to wait on me hand and foot. Fine, I forgive them for now.
Forgive them? You gotta be kidding right?!