Which World of Warcraft Character are you? (1)

Which World of Warcraft Character are you? (1)

Have you ever wondered which of the legendary heroes of Azeroth you are? Answer the questions and find out!

published on January 25, 20149 responses 1

What is your weapon of choice?

Staff/Wand/Mace and Off-Hand
2 Handed Sword/Axe/Mace, or Polearm
Gun, Bow, or Crossbow
Sword/Axe/Mace and Shield
Dual Wield Swords/Axes/Maces/Fist Weapons/Daggers

Where do you stand in the heat of battle?

In the frontlines, protecting my allies from harm and dealing heavy damage to the enemy ranks.
In the rear, casting powerful spells to either aid my allies or bring destruction upon my foes.
In the middle, hailing down arrows to bring death to my enemies.

What is the most important aspect of combat?


Your friend is injured and his or her enemy is stronger than you are, what would you do in this situation?

Avenge your friend at the cost of your own life.
Retreat and leave your friend behind.
Administer healing aid to your friend and continue to support him or her during the course of the battle.
Immobilize the threat and retreat with your friend to safety.

How flexible are you, to change your role in the group to achieve a common greater goal?

Very flexible, wielding both the ability to protect my allies, dealing damage to my foes and heal the injured.
My abilities are restricted, but I can still fill another role in the group, if necessary.
I do only have one role in my group.

What is your elemental affinity?

Holy Light
I do not wield an element.

Which of the following character are your role-model?

Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder
Millhouse Manastorm

The battle is won, you have achieved certain victory on the battlefield. But there are still some enemies left, what do you do?

Kill those who are left! If they die this day, they cannot come back to fight another!
Watch as they run in confusion.
Give them time to flee, and then chase them down. The thrill of the hunt is the greatest high.
This day have seen enough bloodshed, you let them go.
You take them prisoner, one cannot have too many peons.

What is your favorite color?