Running from trouble part 5

Running from trouble part 5

Okay normally I just hate recaps so... I really HATE them that's why my quizzes don't have any. :P

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The figure was a black fox with green eyes, white pants, blue jacket, and a gun in one hand. {Btw I just made him up}. "Blade, let us go," Sapphire said getting angry. We both struggled as he saw you. You looked into his eyes and couldn't help but walk over to him. He put us both down but Tails stopped you.

He's got some nerve.
Is the like the anti- Tails? (Me:Not really)
*stares at his black fur*. (Me: 0_o)
He's creepy.
SO DARK!! *faints*. (Me: -_-)

Blade dropped us as a light blue fox with brown hair, green shirt, and blue pants shocked him in the back of the head. Sapphire and I both smiled at her. "Julie!" I yelled hugging her. "I thought you were at a special camp?" "They said I could go for a day," Julie said. "Yay." Tails and Silver hugged her as Alexis and Sapphire went over to you.

*stares at Knuckles*.
Hi. :D
Get away.

"Alexis I fell on Shadow and Scourge took a picture so I'd look like we were together," You said. "Really? Shadow is that true?" Shadow nodded and Alexis hugged you. "I'm sorry," She said releasing you. "We should have a movie night," Julie said. "You want to stay for the movie Sapphire?" "Sure."

Yay Movie!
-_-. Seriously a movie? (Me: Hey I'd like you to try and think of ideas after working on three quiz series.)

I smiled and brought out the movie Cars 2. "Yay!" Tails said. We all went into the house and Silver put in the movie. It began playing as you noticed a pattern. Julie sat next to Tails, Alexis sat next to Shadow and Knuckles, and Sapphire sat next to Sonic. You decided to sit next to Silver as the movie played.

Why HIM. (Silver: :(.)
Silver can I feel your chest fur? (Alexis&Silver: 0_o? Silver: No)

You smiled till you saw a pink gas enter the room and we all blacked out... sorry.

Bye. ;)