Who is your Avatar the last airbender boyfriend?

Who is your Avatar the last airbender boyfriend?

So we did Sonic the hedgehog, now it's time for Avatar TLA. Now lets find out who is your lucky Avatar man!

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First question. You'd love to go where on a first date?

Just to look at the stars while laying in the grass.
I just want to have fun on the date. You can never go wrong with laughter.
Just to sit and talk about the future and the past.
Go to a relaxing place and talk about things that can change the way you see things in life.

How do like your relationship?

A little bit of kissing... I guess.
A lot of kissing and trust.
"Oh god yes, yes, oh Zuko! Wait, was I answering something?"
Nothing much. I prefer to fly solo actually.

This is probably on every quiz in the universe but what's your favorite color?

Yellow, pink, or brown
Silver, or purple
Red, orange or black
Blue or turquoise

What happens if you two break up? How would you react?

I'd understand. He is very busy and he needs sometime to think.
I'd be pretty hurt. I loved him but I'll let fate take it's course.
I'd hate that but I wouldn't loose hope. He'll be begging on his knees for me in no time.
I'd have to agree. We have pretty different understandings of this world and we have our own dreams. It wouldn't work out but it was nice getting to know him.

Almost done! So you meet him for the first time and you freak out. It might scare him a bit but he might like it. What does he say back to you?

Nice to meet you. I'm *****
Hey, I'm *****. Your kinda cute. Wanna check out my muscles?
I have no time for another fan girl.
A pleasure to meet you.

You love...

Roller coasters, airplanes and dreams
Fun houses, eating and jokes
Thinking, imagining and being in charge
Peace, thinking and dreaming

Favorite drink...

Orange soda!
Sprite! Duh!
Pepsi or Dr. Pepper
Why don't we all just sit down and have a cup of calming Jasmine tea?

Last question. What do you think of Azula?

She's ... okay.
She'd be alright if she didn't have such a horrible past.
I don't like her. I fact I want to destroy her occasionally.
She, she's crazy and she needs to go down.