are you girly or tomboy? (1)

are you girly or tomboy? (1)

If you want to know what kind of girl you are, do that quiz! And let's see...

published on January 25, 201450 responses 10 3.0★ / 5

What's your favorite color?

green and black

what's youre favorite animal?

spider, snakes or bats
cats and dogs!

describe you!

I am very pretty! huhuhu!
I'm just normal! Go away with your stupid question!
I think i'm pretty, but I don't know.

Your ability is...

play to "who spit the farest?"
apply nail polish

What's wrong with you!!!! Why have you just slapped me?

Because you just sayd that my makeup was ugly!
Because I don't like your face stupid!
Because I had an itch on my hand sorry!

Finally, what do you think you are?

Girly girl!!! huhuhu!
What is this **** question?
I don't know... in th middle maby?