Would you sevive the Creepypastas?

Would you sevive the Creepypastas?

I WONDER? I will alsoe making a different one after this. If you want to check it out^^ Sorry if I only do a little bit of them :/

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Haya! Let's get this shiz started!

Cool. Let's do this!
Hmm no thanks....
Me: aww :( whit en why here?

You are reading a book in your bed wen you hear a window break downstairs.
What do you do?

I go dawn quietly and grab the knife by my bed ad kill the intruder.
I open a secret door to my escape place so he can do what he does and wen he leaves I
see what he has done.
I hide under my bed covers.

You and some friends go into some woods.
And people say they are haunted by something.
You end up going really deep into them and you get lost with your friends.
And you hear something and your friends leave without you.
What you do?

Take out the knife that I took. And say "SHOW YOURSELF!"
Would start running away from were I hearted the sound.
You trow some rocks and distracked it!

You just moved into a new house with a roommate.
The night you fall asleep you wake up at 3 for nothing.
And you look at the window by you and you see a black hooded masked man watching you.
What you do?

You do the F finger and show your knife!
Me: what if your roommate dies because of that?
I don't even care! I saved myself!
Shut the certains.

A old man offers you a game called "mayors mask" (I don't really now the name...)
What do you say.

Sure thing oldy moldy! *takes game*
Take the game and kindly trow it out the window later this day XD
Say no thank you.

Your playing minecraft. (Sorry if you don't know wh5 it is say "I don't play mine craft"
And you just made a amazing Home. And you go to get something to finish it off.
And you come back with it all ruined. You see a Steve with no pupils. And it sets you on fire.
What do you do?

I go to the nearest pool/lake that I see and grab my diamond sword! And kill it!
I just go somewhere else.
I don't play mine craft..

You get a email that's called "spread the word" with a pic of a dog smiling.
And its send by "unknown"
What do you do?

I get ride of the email.
I just don't care.
I send it to somebody else...

OK! Sorry if s so short :/
I will probably update it with some more pastas!
^^ I am sorry if I misspelled a lot :(