Which historical fencing master are you?

Which historical fencing master are you?

Are you fab like Fabris, or out there like Mair? Try this quiz to get the skinny.

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It's a Saturday night. What are you up to?

Rearranging my bookshelves into alphabetical, and then chronological order, by size. And colour.
Getting drunk at home with some close friends.
Catching a plane to some exotic location.
Writing poetry.
Working until the small hours.
Working until the small hours, tearing your hair out in frustration.
Partying until dawn.
Partying until late with beautiful people, then sloping off for some murky business.
Getting drunk at a bar then getting into a fight.
Getting drunk at a bar, then provoking two people to get into a fight for my own amusement.

When you walk into a party, what happens?

Nothing, everyone carries on as normal.
Some people recognise me and wave.
Everyone stops and looks a bit guilty.
Everyone recognises me and starts talking about me. Some look a bit scared.
Everyone recognises me, some come up and ask for my autograph.
Some people come over and buy me drinks.
Some people recognise me, then carry on talking as if they didn't see me.
Everyone stops and stares, 'cause I'm sexy.
Everyone stops and stares, 'cause I'm a bit weird.
Several people run up to me and start a fight.

What's your favourite TV show?

Mad Men
Big Bang Theory
Boardwalk Empire
Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
Prison Break
The Sopranos

You're at the supermarket, what's in your basket?

Fat-free lentil soup, volcanically filtered ethical water, vitamins, calculator, computing magazine.
Bread, milk, whisky.
Foie gras, champagne, truffles, travel magazines.
Notebooks, bread, milk, eggs, beard shampoo.
Coffee, energy drinks, martial arts magazines.
Steak, protein bars, tabloid newspapers.
Ready meals.
Tequila, limes, salt, condoms.
Ready meals, cat food.

Your house is on fire, what do you save?

My computer.
My precious, beautiful books. All of them.
A family heirloom.
Photos of me with famous people.
Myself, I can buy whatever needs replacing.
Years and years of work that's scattered everywhere.
Mementoes of the old days.
My wallet.
That's not a fire you imbecile!
Nothing, the fire will destroy the evidence.