Running from Trouble part 4

Running from Trouble part 4

Yay part four! I love Big Time Rush. <3 I hope they keep making good music. I <3 you Kendall!! XD

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I growled and faced you with gold eyes. I screamed then transformed into the shadows. You saw my shadow run into the woods leaving you all but Silver and Tails shocked.

Why isn't Silver shocked.
Yeah why aren't they shocked?

"What happened?" You asked. "It happened again." "What happened?" You repeated. "She only did this once before she met Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles. Although the last time she went in her shadow form was when her parents died." "What?!" "Yeah Dr. Eggman killed them," Silver replied. "So what should we do," You asked. "It's best to just leave her," Sonic said as you all went into the house.

I should trust Sonic.
*staring at Shadow*.
How does Silver know? (I've been friends with him and Tails since I was five).
How did you meet Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles then? (I'll create a story about that)
Tails is so nice. (I know he's my bestie)

My P.O.V* I ran into the woods, turned normal and leaned against the tree crying. "Alexis is that you?" A blue female hedgehog came up to me. "Hi Sapphire," I said still wiping tears from my muzzle. "Are you alright?" She asked sitting beside me. I nodded my head. "Alexis I can read minds I know what's going on." I cried more and hugged her.

Sorry Alexis.
Your such a baby. (*chaos blast*)
*laughing at A3*
You okay? (I guess)

"Shadow's just a jerk," Sapphire said I grabbed my purple chaos emerald. I chaos controlled us to my house and everyone came outside. Your P.O.V* You all saw a flash and ran outside.

Sonic what's going on?
*runs silently*. (Didn't I blast you? 0_o?)
*punching tree*.
:) LIGHT!! *-*.

"Alexis," You all said. "Hi Sapphire," Sonic and Tails said to the new blue female hedgehog standing next to Alexis. Shadow hugged Alexis but she smacked him and walked into her room. "Hi I'm Sapphire the Hedgehog," Sapphire said awkwardly. "What's wrong with Alexis, after all these years she's never been this upset." "Shadow you'd better apologize to her," Silver said. Shadow growled at him and walked inside.

Hi Sapphire. (Sapphire: Hello)
We didn't do anything wrong.
Silver's making him apologize? (No he just knows I won't talk to him till he apologizes)
Hi Tails. (Tails: Hello)

You heard Alexis and Sapphire scream as their bodies were taken away by a black figure.... Sorry see you all later. Bye. ;)