a date with loki!!! <3

a date with loki!!! <3

well the title says it all so have fun and comment and rate bye, P.Sif you don't know who loki is then LOOK HIM UP!!!!....now on with the quiz:).

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you:*chained to a wall* loki:so mortal what should i do to you first. you:you could let me go....loki:no no no i have some work to do with you*evil smirk* you:thinks*oh god* let me go!!!.loki:but princess....whats the fun in that? *walks up to you and starts kissing your neck* you:no let me go i don't want t- loki:*kisses you on the lips*well how about now? you:*blushing*.... loki:*looks at you blushing and looks at you up and down and smirks* ok if you don't want to have "FUN" then how about a movie in the living room?. me:your reply?

umm sure ok thinks*hes not such a bad guy and hes kinda cute* *blushes*
eeewww no

me:you are watching the movie and you fall asleep....loki:*picks you up and caries you up stairs and puts you in his bed* you:start hugging loki in your sleep* me:and loki puts his pj's on and climbs in bed with you and cuddles with you the next morning you wake up and see loki holding you and you strugle trying to get lose and loki wakes up but does not let go and with all that strugleling you accsadentially kiss loki and loki will you take it from here loki: of course. loki:*keeps kissing you and wont let you get free* you:*finally gives in to the kiss and blushes* me:you two are now slaming eachother ugainst the wall and then adult stuff happens. your thoughts?

awsome *blushes*

me:you and loki are talking about your likes and dislikes and then thor breaks down the door loki:get behind me now!!!! thor:am i too late did i save her loki:*smirks with satisfation* your too late. thor:LOKI HOW DARE YOU!!!! D:< *starts choking loki* you:STOP YOUR HURTING HIM!!!! loki:*grabs thors arm and throughs him in the floor* you:*runs to loki and starts making out with him while thor watches* loki:*picks you up while still kissing you and takes you upstairs* me:what do you think will happen

adult stuff will happen between me and loki <3
thor will come and save me

me:the next morning loki took you to meet the avengers any one want to ask a question tony:whats your favorite color? me:*sarcasam*very origanal tony. tony:i try

green, black anything dark
red and gold
red,white and blue
purple and black

me:after you met all of them you went home and then. loki:*starts kissing you and while your lost in the kiss he slips a diamond ring on your marrage finger*. you:yes!!!. me:and you kissed again.your thoughts?

wow *blushes*

what are you plans after you get married?

have two kids and live happily ever after
nothing i'm not marring that guy i'm marring thor

did you enjoy and will you comment

yes and yes!!! :)
eeewww no
yes and no
no and no