Running from trouble part 3

Running from trouble part 3

Hi guys. I had an amazing idea for this next part. Also check out my story when Sonic and SpongeBob collide.

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I fell to my knees and fell on the ground. She was then followed by the guys. "Was that you?" you asked. "No," They all confessed.

Shadow! Hi! ^-^.
*staring at Tails*.
SONIC!! (Oh no another Amy) -_-
Hi Knucky.
*looking at Silver

Knuckles picked me up and layed me on the couch. Silver put a blanket on me. You decided to go take a walk before Alexis woke up. You were still in shock about this. You walked near a lake and saw you were an (what ever animal you want).

wow that's new.
Stay off Silvy!! DX (Silver is my best friend)

You started running back to the house when you fell on Shadow!! (Oops) You and Shadow were both to stunned to move when you saw a camera flash and a certain green hedgehog holding the camera.

Eww!! *dies* (*fans your face*) I'm fine
Faker!! (0_o)
Who's that?
Its Scou- (*puts duct tape on mouth*)

"Scourge!" Shadow yelled getting you off him. Scourge smiled and held out the picture. "What a nice picture, it would be ashame if Alexis got her hands on it." He teased running away. "What's he going to do with that?" You ask.

FAKER!! (0_o really?) Yes
I knew it!!

My P.O.V* I woke up and Sonic was playing against Knuckles and Silver in Mario Sonic London 2012 Olympic games. "Where are ____ and Shadow," I asked rubbing my heads. "Your awake," Sonic and Knuckles said hugging me. "They're outside," Silver said after I was able to breathe. I went outside as Scourge ran up to me.

Uh oh.
Were dead
*starts running* (I have super speed)

"What do you want Scourge," I asked. Scourge handed me a photo of you and Shadow and I got mad just as the full moon was revealed. Normal P.O.V* You and Shadow ran as you saw me growl and lay on the ground. Bye bye. *Waves*

What happens next?