Which Labyrinth character are you? (1)

Which Labyrinth character are you? (1)

You've played it. You've experienced it. But who are you... really? Well my friend it's time to find out!

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You're out in the middle of the desert, and you see a tortoise lying helplessly on its back. What do you do?

Help it up and nurse it back to health
Ignore its plight and keep walking
Snap its neck to put it outs of its misery
Dismember its legs and let it bleed out slowly

You're the first one to arrive in a room and find a shoe lying in the middle of the floor. It looks like you have time to pick it up before anyone can see you. What do you do?

Pick it up, and then discuss to see who should keep it
Wait and let someone else pick it up
Quickly pick up the shoe before anyone notices
Completely ignore the shoe altogether

You are alone with one other person and have to exit a room. What do you do?

Convince the other person to go first
Hold off exiting as long as possible in the hopes that the other person will go first
Exit first, no questions asked
Do nothing

In general, how would you describe your mood?

What's a mood?

You walk into a room and see a dead person lying in the middle of the floor. What is your first thought?

"How did this happen?"
"Damn. Wish I could've been here to see it!"
"Oh god. No. Oh god. I think I'm gonna pass out."

How much do you like to talk?

As much as possible
Only when necessary
As little as possible

A member of your group is acting peculiar lately. How do you handle it?

Kill them. No questions asked.
Confront the person
Do nothing, but keep an eye on it
Ignore it completely