Which twilight character (girl) are you?

Which twilight character (girl) are you?

Evreyone deserves to have a special character; especially from Twilight! Who are you?

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Your house is like....

I don't have one. Me and the gang find motels and campsites to sleep.
A big house surrounded by tons of trees and has glass walls
A small suburban house with a nice small homey kitchen and quiet but cute bedroom.

What do people describe you as?

Very excited

You'd pass out if anyone discovered....

you kill people for lunch!
Vampires do exist and I'm one!
I can be a goth at times

Do you wear makeup?

That's me!

Your hair color is:

A brilliant red
Dirty blonde

You see a wounded thing on the road. Looks like a bull, bleeding. You:

Push it aside
Take it home eagerly. Dinnertime!
Call a society to help it.

Somebody new joins your Clan. You agree to let him because:

He's very witty
He will help us be safe
he is brave and strong
He's outgoing

What car do you want?

What car do you want?
BMW M3 Convertible
Porsche 911 Turbo
A Mercedes Guardian and a Ferrari F430
My feet
I ride in Carlisle's car