Which twilight character (girl) are you?

Which twilight character (girl) are you?

Evreyone deserves to have a special character; especially from Twilight! Who are you?

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You'd pass out if anyone discovered....

you kill people for lunch!
Vampires do exist and I'm one!
I can be a goth at times

Your hair color is:

A brilliant red
Dirty blonde

Somebody new joins your Clan. You agree to let him because:

He's very witty
He will help us be safe
he is brave and strong
He's outgoing

You see a wounded thing on the road. Looks like a bull, bleeding. You:

Push it aside
Take it home eagerly. Dinnertime!
Call a society to help it.

What car do you want?

What car do you want?
BMW M3 Convertible
Porsche 911 Turbo
A Mercedes Guardian and a Ferrari F430
My feet
I ride in Carlisle's car

Your house is like....

I don't have one. Me and the gang find motels and campsites to sleep.
A big house surrounded by tons of trees and has glass walls
A small suburban house with a nice small homey kitchen and quiet but cute bedroom.

What do people describe you as?

Very excited

Do you wear makeup?

That's me!