The Real You !!!

The Real You !!!

Hey, this is a quiz to determine what type of person you are. Hope you Enjoy !!!

published on August 21, 201164 responses 15 3.1★ / 5

What is your fav colour ??? Why ?

All Pinks! They're absolutly gorgeous !
The colour of my AWESOME Brain!
Yellow, the golden sunshine !!!
Electric Blue, cos its like the most popular game colour !

Favourite animal or pet ?

Mr Snuffles, my pet Bunny
Gecko, ha ha get it Geecko !!!
A pretty Blue Bird
Does a robot count as a pet ???

Fav food ???

Strawberrys and Cream
Anything from Maca's !!!!!
Pizza !!!!!!!!!!!

Fav drink ?

Rose tea
Home-made lemonade
I dont want drinks near my computer !!!!

Fav type of music ?

Classical, Opera
Alternitive music
Hip Hop
103.5 Hot FM !!!

Fav thing to wear ?

Dresses of silk
A singlet, nothing more, nothing less.
Electronic Gaming suit, EGS for short.