Which vampire diaries girl should you date?

Which vampire diaries girl should you date?

Choices are Elena Gilbert,Bonnie Bennett,Caroline Forbes,Katherine Pierce or Rebekah Mikaelson,have fun & be honest! :)

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In school you're most likely to find her...?

looking out for her little bro,sweet!
trying to sort out an argument between her 2 best friends
gossiping in the girls toilets
bunking off...she is too cool for school ;)
arguing with one of her many brothers

which of these would LEAST bother you?

if she was over protective
if she was a witch
if she was bossy
if she was good at getting you to do what she wants
if she was over 1000! (but in body she looks/is your age)

What sounds best for a date?

a home cooked meal at her place
a seance or a ghost night!
a houseparty :P
to get payback on someone then celebrate together with a drink ;P
a 1920's style dance party

which rival for your girl do you hate the most?

damon salvatore
jeremy gilbert
tyler lockwood
stefan salvatore
matt donovan

In her group of friends she is...?

the one who is always worrying about everyone
the one who everyone goes to for help
the one who arranges all the fun stuff
the one whos always outcast...but doesnt care haha
the one who people tend to underestimate

where would you guys live?

in a normal house in mystic falls?
salem would be cool
in the sheriffs house ^_^
wherever we want, we move a lot
someone near family

who would you most like to be related to?

jeremy gilbert
sheila bennett
liz forbes
nadia petrova
klaus mikaelson

your girls dress sense is?


someone goes missing and a spell needs to be done to save them,your girl says...?

omg we HAVE to save them!
Im on it!
will it mess up my hair?
Oh...who cares.
its always about someone else isnt it >_>

you call at her house,whats she doing?

writing in her journal
sitting in a darkened room with candlelight reading some ancient wierd book
on the phone to her best friend...for over an hour :/
moping about looking miserable.

who do you think you match the best with? may or may not affect the result!

elena gilbert
bonnie bennett
caroline forbes
katherine pierce
rebekah mikaelson