What Frozen Character Are You? (2)

This is a quiz that is supposed to tell you what character in Frozen best fits your personality.

published on April 02, 201520 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

What's your hair color?

Red, but not as much as Merida's.
Dirty blonde.
Platinum blonde.

What's your hair style?

Stiff and straight.
In two braids.
Short with sideburns.
Shaggy and short.
In one side braid.

What is your skin color?

Pure white.
Pale with pink cheeks.

What's a good job for you?

Escape artist.
Any manual labor.
Olympic athlete.

Who is your friend, pet, or sibling?

My friend is a young woman and I am also friends with a reindeer.
I'm friends with any toy I play with or any character I make up. My sister is my best friend.
I have many siblings. They're all annoying and I hate them.
I have a pet who's very close to me.
I try to keep away from my sister, but I really love her.

What do you want more than anything?

To see summer!
True love!
For my crush to notice me...
My family to be safe.

What is your hobby?

Singing and dancing.
Going on adventures!
Waiting and waiting until I am old enough to have power...
Manual labor and hanging out with my friends.

What Frozen song do you know best?

In Summer!
For the First Time in Forever!
Love is an Open Door!
Reindeers are Better Than People.
Let it Go!

Why do adults like you?

Because I'm so cute and funny!
Because I'm optimistic.
They don't like me.
I'm mature!
Because I'm sweet and caring.