How ladylike are you?

How ladylike are you?

A redo of a lower quiz I wrote previously when i was much younger on this website

published on May 21, 202126 responses 19
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Is family or career more important to you

There both equal

Should woman wair clothes that cover themselves or clothes that show off there assets

Clothes that are modest and conservative
Clothes that revel the stomach and maybe some clevage
Clothes that show off most of a woman's assets

When it comes to children and family what's your opinion

A woman shoukd be nurturing and kind towards her children encouraging her girls to be beautiful young woman as they grow and there men to be respectful gentleman
A woman shouldn't need to have children just a woman and her husband and faith makes a family
Woman shouldnt get married or have a family

How important is it to teach our boys to be courteous, protective and strong leaders that will protect woman and children

Its important for us to teach our boys to become good young men
Men need to be reliable and respectful to woman
Men need to be casted out of woman's lives

What's your opinion on feminism

The reason why modern family virtues are broken
Something outdated and now going on pure insanity
Something only needed in the Muslim world
Something that has brainwashed woman into being toxic

What's the best time era for femininity


How important is christianity in a family

Faith should be at the center of every household
Faith is important

Do you support gender roles

Gender roles are not a social construct and effect the way men and woman natraully behave gender roles should be celebrqted
We should let feminine woman be embraced by society and offer more support to woman who are stay at home, and also to woman in carrers
Gender is a social construct

Should men protect woman and children


What is more true

Good masculinity is more masculinity , men need to be providers and make leaders men in society need to have there masculinity celebrated more
Feminism has been taking families apart enourging woman to ruin themselves
The only way to combat bad male behaviour is to also act like pigs

Does every child deserve a loving mother and father what are they like

The ideal mother is someone kind with a gentle temprenemt a child can rely on someone who looks after themselves and there family

The ideal man, is someone who likes to be silly but also tough at times who provides the money to support his family
The ideal mother would be a woman who is gentle loving and also calm to her children who buys them lots of stuff

The ideal father will be someone silly and fun to goof around with
The mother would be single without a father

What's a great thing about being female

Being the mature sophisticated ones
Being able tomwait makeup and pretty clothes
Where obsessed everything sucks