What lps popular character are you? (1)

What lps popular character are you? (1)

Brooke? Sage? Savannah? Tom? Which one are you? You'll be able to see in this test.

published on June 15, 201511 responses 4
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If you could do what ever you want, what would you do?

Be the most popularest girl in the entire school with good looks
Be a scaredy person of aliens and be a total dork
Have a devilish gf and act super hot
Be a animal lover and be nice and honest and sometimes, well, tacky

If you found something that cost a-lot of money, what would you do?

Hide it in your pocket or backpack
leave it alone
touch it but don't get it
Scream and run away from it so you don't get destracted from ur lunch

What would you eat for lunch?

Some coffee and some cinnamon rolls
A salad with some cheesecake
juice and donuts
Regular water with roasted peanuts

What fantasy animal do you like most?

NOT Alien

What do you wear?

Diamonds and other super expensive stuff
ordinary stuff like jackets and boots
Stuff that your mom doesn't care about like flowers and scarfs
Cool items like Letter necklaces and sweatshirts with jeans or shorts