Who are you in Dork Diaries

Who are you in Dork Diaries

Who are you from Dork Diaries take this quiz to find out who you are from Dork Diaries.

published on August 25, 201537 responses 18

One word to describe Mackenzie

I don't even know her
Has fashion sense

One word to describe Nikki


Why does Mackenzie hate Nikki

because she likes Brandon
I don't know I don't even know Mackenzie
I don't know

What charity does Nikki skate for

Fuzzy friends to save the animals
I don't know
For Brandon Fuzzy Friends
Brandon to make Mackenzie Jealous

What do you expect from your grades

I don't know I am just a kid
Too get a good career
Not much seeing as my teachers hate me
I have a good chance seeing has my teachers live me

Why did Mackenzie want Chloe and Zoey in her routine for the talent show

I don't know
To make Nikki jealous
Their good dancers
To make Nikki feel bad

Why did Nikki enter the talent show

To win the scholarship
To win
To feel good
To make Mackenzie jealous

How did Nikki win the art competition

Brandon took some photosof Nikkis tattoos on people's arms and made them into a wall of art tattoos
Nikkis best friends
She won? (Question?)

What did Nikki wear to the Halloween dance

Garbage bag, Juliet costume and a rat costume
I don't know I don't pay attention to what she wears
Rat costume
Juliet costume

What would you use the $500 art competition mo what on

Photography. Supplies
Princess sugar plum stuff
Make up, clothes
Art supplies and art camp