What ShadowClan cat are you?

Find out which ShadowClan cat you are in my 2nd quiz! Hope you enjoy! =^*^=

published on March 03, 201551 responses 5
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On your warrior vigil, you catch the scent of fox near camp! What do you do?

Take a deep breath, and wait.
Concentrate harder... Cast out your senses.
Feel your heart quicken. You WANT to scream, but know that StarClan wouldn't approve.
Bite your lip, and let out a warning yowl.
Hold your breath, and at the single sound of a twig crack, warn the camp.

The fox attacks! What is your first reaction?

Run to camp, and guard the nursery.
Attack it instantly!
Yowl a warning, and then attack it.
It takes a moment for you to calculate what's happening, and then run to your mate.
Take a deep breath, and then attack. Kill, if necessary.

The fox lies in the clearing... Dead. What do you do.

Silently apologize.
Shut your eyes, and thank StarClan no cat was lying beside it.
Feel a little bad, but know that it would've hurt cats.
Smile, and wipe the blood of your paws. Then you quickly make sure your mate is OK.
Quickly thank StarClan for its life, then check to see if your leader is OK.

Aw! Poppylight just had kits! What do you do?

Sniff them over, make sure the are healthy.
"Welcome little kits!"
Smile. Yay, new warriors!
"Let's name this one Hawkkit after me!"
Nod at the mother and father, and bless them good health.

The Stars joined and made a symbol of a fire. What do you do?

Gasp, and then warn your leader.
Ask the medicine cat what it means.
Hold it in. Probably just tired...
Warn everyone, and then get paranoid.
Don't tell anyone.

You hear dogs on ThunderClan territory, and then the yowls of cats. What do you do?

Warn your leader, and get prepared in case they head towards ShadowClan camp.
Price your ears, and stay alert.
Beg your leader to help.
Oh no! Run to help.
Warn the camp to unsheathe their claws, and stay alert.