Can I Guess What Type Of Food Is Your Favourite?

Can I Guess What Type Of Food Is Your Favourite?

Did I get it right? Comment what your favourite type actually is! Rate please, it would really help me out :)

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What is your favourite colour?

Every colour! I love them all!
Black. Grey. Dark colours.
I love pink, purple, blue, and indigo!
I don't like many colours.
Laid back colours. Brown, white, things like that.
I dont know

What is your favourite animal?

Bunnies, deer, anything cute and fluffy!
I don't like animals.
Bears, foxes, things like that
Snakes, crocodiles, cruel animals
All animals are amazing!
I dont know

What do you usually do in your free time?

Read, write. I'm usually in my room, alone.
Out doing everything!
Relaxing. Watching TV.
I love doing absolutely everything!
I dont know
Im usually cooped up in my room.

What is your favourite TV show or genre?

I don't watch much TV.
I love everything! You name it!
Spongebob, iCarly!
Horror. Gory things.
Cooking shows.
I dont know

What is your favourite time of the day?

Right after school so i can relax after a long day.
I dont know
Every second!
Im a night owl.
Mornings so i can watch the sun rise :)
I don't like being with people. Nighttime and evening

Why did you choose this quiz?

For a laugh.
To have a nice relaxing quiz.
To have fun!
I dont know
To have fun!!!!!
So i can make fun of someone.

What is your favourite drink?

Wine. Beer.
Root beer.
Iced tea!
I dont know
I like all of them!
Shirley Temple. Mountain Dew. Coke.

What is your favourite food?

shut up
You're hilarious...!
Ugh, some people are so annoying...
erm oki

What do you usually wear?

Baggy clothes. Comfortable clothes.
Things that can cover me up so I'm basically invisible
It depends what day.
Pink, Purple, Blue... cute clothes!
I dont know
It varies!

And finally, how many friends do you have?

A couple.
Im popular! Tons!
A tight group.
An exceptional amount.
I can't even count! Everyone knows me!
Why do you need to know?