Are you Gray Wing or Clear Sky?

Are you Gray Wing or Clear Sky?

Gray Wing and Clear Sky are both from Dawn of the Clans so if you have not read them you probably dont know who they are well they are brothers who are very different I hope you enjoy this

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Which Clan do you like the best?

Wind Clan
Sky Clan

Which adjective best describes you?


Do you love to live in the forest or the moor land?

Moor land

Do you think there should be borders?


Are you a great leader?

Yes Stoneteller even came in my dreams to tell me!
No im to greedy

Pick a adjective to describe you.


Which color do you like better?


Do you have kits?

Yes one kit but I dont want him around me it just reminds me of how I let his mother die
No but yes they think they are mine because there mother doesnt want there real father around them

Do you love your kin?

Yes but the survival of my group comes first
Yes I will always love them