Are you a cat or a dog? (5)

Are you a cat or a dog? (5)

Have you ever wondered are you a cat or a dog? Are you a pussy cat or fluffy dog?

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How much do you exercise?

I love exercise and playing games like
dodgeball and capture the flag!
I don't like exercise or I try not to do any
thing in gym class.

How important is food to you?

Very important!
Not really important.

How much do you care about your hair?

Run brush in it and out the door!
5-10 minutes then I'm done.
10-15 then I'm done with making sure ever hair in place.
Are you kidding I need at least 1 hour or more!

How much do you like people?

I love hanging out with people!
I rather stay in my room and watch Netflix.

What would you rather eat?


Would you rather have your room red or green?


What is your favourite season?