WHat DO We Do WIth THe NEglectful HUman?

note: this was part of an arg on April Fool's Day. I can't stop you from taking it I guess, but it won't make much sense now that it's over.) SHe ABandoned US THree YEars AGo. I'Ll PRobably NEver SEe TOpaz AGain. RHiannon MUst PAy.

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BEst WAy To EXterminate HUmans?

Let her go! We'l give you what
you want, just give her back!
How about I kill you instead,
you stupid horse!
It doesn't matter, anyway.
We've lost. Topaz is never
coming back, face it.
Neurotoxin gas.

WHere Is TOpaz?

We don't know! Please, give
Rhiannon back!
I can't tell you.
Dead, probably. Good riddance.
Who knows?

WHo's THat At THe DOor...?

Me. Be ready.
Dawn, just let her go and
everything will go back to
Dawn, run.

I DOn't WAnt To Do THis. PLease BRing TOpaz BAck. I DOn't WAnt To Die.

You're gonna die alright, you
You'll be okay. Just get off the
human already.
Dawn, just let her go and
everything will be okay.
I can't help you. I'm sorry.

Ha Ha HEe
Rom com or horror?

Rom com!
You can't put it off forever.
Please let her go.
I prefer anime!

im sorry

Don't blame yourself. You can
solve this. Just let her go.
It's all your fault. I hate you.
It's inevitable.
It's okay.