Real Personality

Find out what kind of person you really are by answering these simple questions

published on June 30, 201517 responses 1

You are stuck in a lift, what will you do?

Chillax and play your favorite songs
You will start sweating and figure out ways to escape as the lift is going to crash
You know somebody will come and open the lift, you will do what others are doing

You are all alone in an island, what will you do?

Wow! That's the best thing that could happen to me...
OMG!!I should find a safe place to hide..There might be some conspiracy
It's nice that I can have some me time but what will people think

You have lost your wallet with all the necessary documents in a crowded market

I need to make important calls to block the cards and see what to do next
OMG!!!Why me? I will start crying and calling my family to ask what should I do

You just won a lottery...What will you do?

I have tons of things planned already.. i will spend he money on it
I will keep all the money in safe place-- You can't trust anyone

You had to rush to a hospital and you crossed a red signal by mistake and are stopped by Traffic ppolice

I will try explaining my situation to him and ask what are the next procedures
What!! OOh no...I will run from there as fast as I can