Are you Light or Dark?

Are you Light or Dark?

I firmly believe that light vs dark is different to good vs evil. One relates to your thoughts, another to your actions. In this quiz, you can find out whether you are light-minded or dark-minded. The results are really long, so be ready for a little reading!

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In role-playing games, are you comfortable with creating a "badguy" character?

No. Even if it isn't real, I don't like the idea of hurting people unnecessarily.
Yes. I can separate reality from fiction, and I know what I'm doing isn't actually hurting anybody.
I have never played a role-playing game, so I don't know.

When someone gives you an instruction, your first instinct is to...

Obey it
Question it or rebel

Which do you value more?


People say your view of the world is...


You tend to trust people...

Too much
Too little
About the right amount

How do you feel about horror?

I love it!
I don't like it...
Somewhere in the middle

You tend to...

Live in the moment, taking things as they come
Be stuck in the past or worry about the future

You consider yourself to be more...


Picture yourself next to a campfire. How do you react to it?

I am fascinated by it. I'll probably sit down and watch it for a while.
I feel nothing towards it, and so I don't react.
I'm slightly frightened by it. Even though it's irrational, I'll probably back away a little so I don't get burned.

Which is most similar to your point of view?

The world is good; I am good.
The world is good; I am neutral.
The world is good; I am bad.
The world is neutral; I am good.
The world is neutral; I am neutral.
The world is neutral; I am bad.
The world is bad; I am good.
The world is bad; I am neutral.
The world is bad; I am bad.

What's "your aesthetic?"

Sarcastic quotes, icebergs, neon signs, dark sunglasses
Oversized sweaters, daisies, ice cream sundaes, stick figure doodles
Nebula, red Converse, journals and stationery, the Eiffel Tower
Lightning, chocolate lava cake, lace-up boots, black cats

Your favourite animal is...

Something most people are comfortable with being around - dog, cat, rabbit etc.
Something most people aren't comfortable with being around - snake, tiger, rat etc.