Which God are you?

During the 1st, and 2nd Ages, gods ruled the world. Despite being a single family, their beliefs greatly differed. Who do you most closely relate too?

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Start off with a simple question; is magic good or bad?

Magic is a blessing, and it
should be used freely.
Magic is a curse upon the
world, and should only be used
to prevent unrestrained magic
in battle.
Magic is here, and we can't
ignore it. That said, it should
only be used to prevent
unrestrained magic in battle.
Magic can be used, but only
with strict rules, and guidance.
Magic in battle is the key to
victory, and should only be
used in such circumstances.

How do you feel about using magic to create unimaginably large, and beautiful structures?

Magic is not meant to be used
to make life easier, it is simply
Magic is here for a reason, isn't
Magic should never be used to
create structures.
Only if I do it.
They are beautiful, but no, it
should not be used for that.

What race is better; Kumaral, or Human

They are all part of the world,
and as such, are equal.
Humans are failed Kumaral
who give nothing to the world.
They are equal, but there's just
something about Humans
which makes me like them
They are equal, but Kumaral
are so much better.
Equal, period.

If you were a god, should you be worshiped?

How else would they survive if
not worshiping me?
It's a free country, ain't it?
They can worship me, but they
should know they get nothing
out of it.
Well they're here, I'm here,
might as well worship me.
Who me? If they want I guess.

As a god, you'd live forever as long as you aren't killed. You OK with that?

I am eternity!
It's best for my followers, so
I will never die? Like, never?
Maybe I should rethink this.
I guess so. I'll find something
to do.
Sounds cool!

How would you deal with a dragon attack?

Evacuate everyone, and send
in the military.
Lure it away, and train it.
Kill it, then try to make a
Dragon God to convince the
lesser dragons to stop
The citizens can handle it
Kill it myself.

How do you feel about resurrection?

Any, and everyone should be
resurrected. No need to let
death kill you.
It should be banished.
Someone died, get over it.
Understandable, but should
never be done.
It only brings trouble.
A firm no.

Should various creatures be used for military purposes?

Might as well...
Men fight their own battles.
They're lesser creatures, why
shouldn't they be?
If they're treated well, why not?
A poor puppet dying? I couldn't
bare it.

Why would you create a moon? You know... if you had too?

I couldn't dream of such a feat.
To prevent the destruction of
the world, and rid it of a
powerful curse.
I wouldn't. It only brings chaos.
To give light to the world
during night.
To give the world a constant
reminder to my might.

Lastly, what is your weapon of choice?

A great hammer, only able to
be wielded using magic.
I wouldn't fight. If I had to, my
staff would do.
A large bastard sword, and
It would be hard to decide
between my staff, and long
I've never been good at