Team Chaotix wwffy (2)

Team Chaotix wwffy (2)

You wake up as a mobian from the last quiz. Now, you finally get to meet the guys!

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"OMG! I'm a ___!"


"Indeed you are." You looked up and saw a fat bald guy with a big mustache. "I'm Dr. Eggman, future leader of the world."

___, ___ the ___
I'm ___
My name is ___ and you will never rule over the world!

"I see, well, nice to meet you ___." He said. "Wh-Where am I?" "You're on the planet Mobius and you're my next test subject." "For what?" "For perfecting robotiziation."

I'm dead! (No you're not) Ah! You scared me (Sorry)
Am I going to be a robot? (Maaayyybeee)

There was a big BOOM! You saw a purple, green, black, and black and red (Not Shadow) alien. "Give ___ back!" The purple alien yelled. "Never Ezra!" "Then we'll fight you for her!" The green one said.

Wait... Ezra?!
It's Team Chaotix! (Excited much?)
Um... help me!

Ezra kicked Eggman down and the green and black and red alien started beating the crap out of him. Someone tapped on your glass and you looked behind you. You saw the purple alien and waved. "I'm gonna get you out."

YAY! My hero (-_-)
I can get out my self (No you cant)

"Duck" He said. You crouched down and he threw a ninja star at the glass. The glass shattered and he helped you out. The red and black alien picked you up bridal style and carried you out.

Why cant Espio carry me away? (Because he going to carry ME away)
Where's Charmy? (Outside waiting for us)
Come on Vector! (Vector: Okay coming!) (Someone likes Vector!) I do not! *Blushes*

He carried you outside and placed you on the ground. You saw the purple alien carrying Ezra and placed her on the ground as well. "Are you okay?" The black and red alien asked. "Yes, I'm fine. Who are you guys?" "I'm Mighty the armadillo and that guy carrying Ezra is Espio." He said. "And I'm Charmy! Hi, Charmy! Nice to meet you!" The black bee said excitedly.

Aw, hi Charmy. It's nice to meet you
Hi Mighty, thanks for carrying me out of the awful place. (Mighty: No problem) (Me: Someone has a crush!)
Aw, why couldn't Espio carry ME? (Because I like him more) No you don't! I do! (Espio: Break it up girls)
Where's Vector? (He's coming)

"Hi I'm Vector the crocodile, the leader of Team Chaotix." "Hi, it's nice to meet you all, but how did I end up here and as a ___?" (This means your animal species too) They all looked at Ezra and she smiled. "You said you wanted to come and help, so I brought you and when you got here you changed into a mobian." "When I said that I wanted to come and help, I didn't expect to be on a different planet AND as a animal." You said with your arms crossed

Yeah, I didn't expect this (Sorry)
I don't care really
I'm glad that I'm here
I don't know how I feel about this

"Sorry." I said. "Anyways, we should take her with us." "I don't know." Vector said. Charmy got down on his knees. "Pleeeaaassseee!" He begged. "Oh alright." "Alright, we need another girl around." I said. Mighty and Espio exchanged looks and looked at you then at Ezra.

What? What is it? (Ahahaha I'm so sorry!)
^What is it?!
^^ Ezra did something to us (>:) )
YAY! I get to hang out with Team Chaotix!

All the guys blushed and Ezra grabbed your wrist. "Um.. don't hate me, but you don't have any clothes on." "WHAT?!" "Sorry, come with me." I said dragging you to Team Chaotix's house. I opened a locker and showed you a variety of options. Which outfit do you pick?

A black and white dress, white gloves with a golden ring around them, black and white boots, and a black headband
A black long jacket, black and white high heel boots, and a black ponytail holder
A black jumpsuit with a yellow heart on it, black boots with yellows hearts at the tips, and long white gloves
A white dress, yellow and white gloves, yellow bow, and yellow and white boots

I ran outside and you put on the clothes. I knocked on the door and yelled. "Are you done?!" "Yes!" You yelled back. I came in with the guys. "Well, then..." I said. "Lets play a game!" Charmy yelled. "Really? Now?" Mighty asked. You got me and Espio holding hands and laughed. "What?" I asked. You rolled your eyes. "Nothing, I didn't know that you were dating a chameleon." You said. Me and Espio blushed, while everyone else laughed. "That's why you turned down a lot of guys at school." You said. I glared at you and Espio looked pretty ticked.

Espio and Ezra sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! (*Blushes*)
Ah oh, did I say too much (Um... yeah.)
Lets play now!
Oh yeah, about ten guys asked you out and you turned them down.

I glared at you and stomped outside. "What? What did I say?" "Espio and Ezra have a thing." Mighty whispered. "Oh..." You say. Espio walked outside with Ezra while you were left inside with the guys.

*Blushes* So Mighty, why are you called Mighty? (Mighty: Because I'm pretty strong.) (Me: Someone has a crush!)
*Plays with Charmy*
*Looks for the computer room with Vector* (Me: LOL!)
*Plans to sabotage Ezra's relationship with Espio* (So evil O_O)

My P.O.V.: I ran outside and sat down. "I cant believe ___ said that." I said. I laid my head in my hands and cried. "Ezra, are you okay?" I looked up and saw Espio. "Yeah... I'm fine." "No you're not." Espio said sitting next to me. He put his arm around me and I cried in his chest. "I would never date anyone, but you." I cried. "I know." He said.

Aw, Ezra and Espio are so cute together
I should be there with Espio! Not her! (*still crying*)
I messed up big time
*Still playing with Charmy*

I came back in with Espio. "Where is ___ going to sleep?" I asked. All the guys shot they're hands in the air. "She can sleep with me!" Who do you pick?

Sleeping with Vector in his chair
With Charmy snuggled in a locker
Laying with Mighty on the couch
Cuddling with Espio in the corner