How Country Are You?

How Country Are You?

This test will help you tell if you are true Southern Country or just another one of those City Folk that think they are country!

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have you ever riden a horse?

yes, only in a carriage!
well duh i own horses!!
yes i try to ride every summer at camps!!
yes once or twice at partys

what do you think if you see a pile of mud?

YEAH!! i would jump in and roll around with the dog!!
ugh NO! i wouldnt dare get my boots dirty!
i would put my hands in and play with it!
i would stomp in it until i get pretty muddy i dont want to completely dive in!

do you know who Luke Bryan is?

No. is he a designer!?!
who doesn't know!!
OMG my favorite artist!!!
i think i heard of him?

have you ever been to a barn?

yeah i will visit them just to see horses!
i think when i was like 7?
OMG no!! to gross and dirty! it smells bad too!
well duh i practically live in the barn!

if i played Cotton Eye Joe would you do the dance and know ALL the words?

yes! i love playing that song!!
what? who would have cotton as an eye?
i think i have heard it before?
i have heard it partys!

do you prefer boots with heels or not?

well duh heels are necessary!!
no way! you cant work in those!!
um idk maybe depends if its a nice occasion?
depends would it look good with mud on it?

have you ever drank out of Mason Jar?

those are my ONLY cups!
i have a few of them for fun!
who names a jar Mason?
huh well i have at this BBQ place

what type of phone do you have?

the latest model so me and my bestie can instagram better!!
i have my iphone.
i have a flip phone
i bought my phone with chore and barn money!

do you have more jeans or skirts?

Skirts duh!
neither i prefer sweat pants
defiantly jeans, i dont need skirts ugh!

do you have more animals other than horses?

yes we have a ranch! with lots of animals!
um no! i have a toy doggie that goes in my purse!
nope just 2 horses.
none just a few cats and hamster

you hear a noise out side what do you do?

grab my .22 or shotgun and a flash light to see whats lurking.
um. no i hide under the sheets until my daddy tells our maid to do it.
i just point my flash light out the window.
i grab a flash light and dog and walk out side and turn on every light to see whats out there

whats you dream dog?

golden retriever
doesnt matter as long as it can work and love me