does he/she like you

so people want to know if that person likes you so take my personality quiz it will tell you if she/he likes you

published on March 30, 201645 responses 1 4.5★ / 5

ok first question do you know his/her hair color?

I think let me check tomorrow
could not be close enough to see his hair
of course I see it every day

do you know his/her style and like it

not much of liking his style punk
I love it is amazing and style classic or normal

does he/she like sports and do you know what sport he plays

yes basket ball
yes soccer
yes baseball
yes every sport
yes football
no he/she doesn't play sports and no sports

do you know his/her eye color

nope do not know at all
yes I see it every time
maybe let me check

how much do you talk to each other

no but I want to talk to him
a little bit I want to talk to them some more
a lot I think we are connected

does he/she look at you a lot

yes I think he/she likes me
I don't know because I look away so maybe
no but maybe there's a chance he probably he likes me

do you look at him/her a lot

yes he is dreamy
no not much so he does not think I'm weird

do you know what he/she looks like

yes Asian
yes American
yes Mexican
mmm don't know