Which Dread Nation Character Are You?

Who would you be if you were admist a post-Civil War zombie apolcalypse? Take this quiz to find out!

published on March 11, 20193 responses 0
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You have to fight a horde of zombies. What is your weapon of choice?

Your charming good looks
Anything you've trained with before
Something you invented

Which characteristic best describes you?


How do you approach a problem?

Jump right in!
Think fast and logically, then give it all you've got.
Think through possible solutions and choose the most practical one.
Do what other people need me to do.

What is your biggest flaw?

Being stubborn
Acting before thinking
Worrying about how others view you
Never being able to take charge

What is your relationship with your family?

"I'm super close with my sibling(s), but my parents are another story."
"It's complicated."
"I would do anything to protect them."
"We don't see eye to eye."

What is your favorite type of food?

Anything spicy and full of flavor
Anything you can get your hands on, honestly
Anything that looks fancy
Anything that you've made or could inspire you to make later

What are you secretly good at?

Inventing and tinkering with things
Finding ways to get what you want
Knowing how to work a crowd
Being able to change how you act according to how you want others to see you

What are you thinking now that you've reached the end of the quiz?

Good. Should be an interesting look into your own character.
Excited to learn more about yourself.
Nothing in particular, just ready to finish this already. You've got cooler places to be.
You've been choosing answers that you think will lead to your preferred character this whole time, so you're interested to see if you were right.