How pretty are you? (5)

Hey TanyaSkunk at your service! This is my first quiz so sorry if it's really bad! LOLOL So of course I can't judge your looks since I can't see you XD (besides everyone is pretty or cute in their own way) so this quiz will test how pretty you are "on the inside" ;)

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You leave class one day, and find someone being bullied outside your classroom! You:

Stand up for them! This must be stopped at once!
Watch them and giggle a little. The victim deserves this!
Say, "Hey come on! They are not worth bullying! Quit wasting your time!"
Wait until the bully (bullies) leave and then ask the victim if they are okay.
Slowly back away and leave them alone.

Bully: You are an ugly pig!

Hey you are too so....
No you! Pushes bully and walks away*
That's alright. You look very nice today! And congrats on the A+!
That's ok...

You and a friend get in an argument! You:

Insist you are right and stop talking to them.
Yell, "We are done! You aren't my friend any longer!" and walk away. You block them on everything and ignore them in school.
Smile and say sweetly, "I respect your opinion. This is not worth fighting over." Hugs friend*
Walk away and ignore them on all social media and in school.

I like pie!

Get on with the quiz noob! I don't got all day!!
Me too!! I love _______________ pie! It's so good!^^
Same but... this is random what about the quiz?

You see a kid with special needs (if ya know what I mean) eating alone at lunch. You:

Go sit next to them. You introduce yourself and hang out with them at recess, trying not to show that you are a little
Walk up to them and say, "Hey! My Name is ____________! What's yours?" You sit with them the whole lunch break and even
hang out with them at recess. You notice a few people whispering and giving you dirty looks but you ignore them. Kids like this
are special and need as much love and care as anyone else!
Smile and wave at them as you pass their table but walk quickly past hoping no one noticed. Kids like this make you feel
uncomfortable and you know kids get teased when they hang out with them.
You are disgusted. You pull an epic prank on them in front of the whole school, causing everyone to laugh histerically.

Some one gives you a gift. it's something you don't like. You:

Say, "Thank you so much for thinking of me!" Hugs person*
"Ewww this sucks! What is your problem?"
"To be's not my thing. But thank you anyway!"
Smile and say, "Thank you!"

Sorry this is so short

It's alright! It is your first quiz!^^
Your good :)
I could have done way better than this trash
It's ok just try harder next time^^

How did you like it?

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I liked it^^
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