Fortune Teller 2

Fortune Teller 2

This is a companion to my VERY first quiz on here, the fortune teller. But this quiz may be a little... Darker. Be prepared for a fortune filled with DOOM. If you don't like sad things, don't stick around. The question is: Will you survive?

published on January 19, 201446 responses 13 5.0★ / 5

What cause would you like to volunteer for?

The Homeless
Homeless animals
Save the Earth!

What do you value most in life?

The beautiful earth- all the plants and the sky and the water
My family and friends- the key to life is happiness
Success- everyone should have a lot of money and fame

Let fate decide


What is your worst fear?

Spiders or something practical like that
Being alone

Just so you know, none of these results are good. Is that OK?

Yep. This is just for fun. :P
No absolutely not! (Me: Than I would advise you to stop taking this quiz)

Who do you love the most?

Mother nature
A boyfriend/girlfriend