Fortune Teller 2

Fortune Teller 2

This is a companion to my VERY first quiz on here, the fortune teller. But this quiz may be a little... Darker. Be prepared for a fortune filled with DOOM. If you don't like sad things, don't stick around. The question is: Will you survive?

published on January 19, 2014114 responses 13 4.0★ / 5

What is your worst fear?

Spiders or something practical like that
Being alone

Let fate decide


Who do you love the most?

Mother nature
A boyfriend/girlfriend

What do you value most in life?

The beautiful earth- all the plants and the sky and the water
My family and friends- the key to life is happiness
Success- everyone should have a lot of money and fame

Just so you know, none of these results are good. Is that OK?

Yep. This is just for fun. :P
No absolutely not! (Me: Than I would advise you to stop taking this quiz)

What cause would you like to volunteer for?

The Homeless
Homeless animals
Save the Earth!