who are you? (15)

who are you? (15)

a cool test designed to reveal the true you to yourself and to others!

published on January 19, 201463 responses 11 4.9★ / 5

do you say hi to random people on the street?

no, i like to keep to myself (and who knows? they could be a hobo!)
yes, there's a good chance they could be my future husband
i would not like to give an answer

what is your favorite thing to do?

make other people feel awesome (it makes me feel so good)
snub my nose at other people who are less fortunate than me (not many people)
i usually stick to my room and snuggle up with a good book
surf the internet for people who feel like me (i hate the world)

my favorite holiday is...

thanksgiving (i love giving)
i hate holidays
christmas (i love getting)
easter (colorful)

what is your favorite color?


did you enjoy this test?

definitely not
i loved it