Thy luuuurv docteeeer

Thy luuuurv docteeeer

I vill find your truu veelings, neveer fear theee love docteeer est heeeereee! ;)

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What is the first thing you notice in a boy?


Your perfect first date would be...

In a club with lots of other people
Candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant
Hanging out with pizza at home

Your most important feature you look for in a boy?

Sexy. 'nough said.
Reliable and devoted
Funny and lighthearted

Your dream gift from a the perfect boyfriend is?

A wedding ring!
Favourite C.D you've been wanting for ages.
Voucher for that sassy underwear shop.

The thing you most dread in guys.

Geekiness and clumsiness
Lazyness and no emotions

The perfect place to meet the perfect guy would be...

At a ball when you're walking down the stairs and your eyes first meet.
With some friends so you can show off your pulling skills to an audience
Out on holiday where you promise each other to meet again

When you finally meet the perfect guy, on your tenth date, do you...

Kiss him then dump him. He had got a bit too mushy anyway.
Take him out to look at the stars.
Feel even more relaxed and yourself and maybe kiss him????

If a guy came between you and your mates, what would you do?

Give him up, buys come and go. Friends are forever
Pout a little,keep him a while then drop him. After all, it'll boost your popularity.
Explain to your friends that it's destiny and that fate has brought you two together. They were your mates after all, and should respect and be loyal to you.

Your favourite flirting tip would be...

Lick your lips, shake your hips, his head will tip!
Be yourself but be cool, relaxed and funny. Being sexy can help though.
Talk about each other and he will see your personality and if he's the one, he'll keep on coming.

Your ideal type of guy would be?

A Romeo romantic with imagination and a heart full of love.
A good looking, down to earth guy. Someone with sense of humour but common sense.
Hot body, hot hair, hot moves and hot car. Vrrruuummm vrrrruuummmm!