What Mongrel are you??

What Mongrel are you??

answer questions to find out who the **** u are!!!! Nelson, Vince, Kali, Marion, and Destiny

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your friends say you are a bit:

Middle class/posh
violent and swear alot
stupid but a loyal friend
drama queen/ "dumb blonde syndrome!!"

Your hair colour is:

white/bleach blonde/grey

A stranger accidently bumps into you and your tesco bag splits and your shopping falls to the floor and scatters everywhere. you:

Politely ask if you help you pick your things up
Swear and beat the person up
swear a violent death revenge on them
tie them to a tree and chant evil stuff
scream and say "OMG!!! MY CHAT MAGAZINE!!"

For a birthday party, a friend makes a picnic, entertainer, balloons, and presents neatly wraped. you:

Hug them and say its such a brilliant birthday!
beat them up and swear at them.
Thank them but say you'd rather go to the pub
cry with happiness and then find out its not your birthday party
hug ur mates while stuffing ur face with cake!!

a long lost friend messages you on facebook, saying to meet up in your local shopping centre, you:

Go, but take your panic alarm
go and see them
go but have a razor in your pocket
go, but you get on the wrong bus and go in the opposite direction
Go, but your mum stops you and sends you to your room