How do your friends and others see you?

This quiz will show what kind of person you are and how people see you

published on August 18, 201166 responses 12 4.5★ / 5

Your at a party your best friend has had a little to much to drink and is making a fool of them self you..

Wouldn't of let them drink that much
I would drive them home give them a lecture on drinking to much
Start drinking with them! Probs draw on their face too:)
I would be the one who has to much to drink;)
Let them crash at my house and cover for them so their parents won't find out

One of your friends just got dumped you...

You go to their house talk it out with them
Get some of your friends together and all go out to a movie to get their mind off being dumped
Make fun of their ex to make them feel better
Take them out they can party with you again now that their single!

Theirs a huge party on friday you are..

Throwing the party duh!
the designated driver...again
At the party telling stories hanging with my friends
Taking away my friends keys and yelling at them

What do you hate most?

When people lie to you
When people are too serious
When people tell me what to do
When people are SO BORING

What do you look for in a bf/gf?

Sense of humor:D

How often do you get in fights w/ your friends?

Every once in awhile im usually the peace maker though
Never real fights just stupid fights I never know when to be serious
Only when i get them in trouble
I guess a lot its a big group

Whats important to you?

Being funny and well liked
Being trusted
Being noticed
Being in charge

When you get in trouble it's most likely for..

My back talk / "attitude"
My sarcasm
Sneaking out
Lying for one of my friends
Cutting Class

Pick a tv show!

Family Guy
Friends or How I Met Your Mother
Apprentice! Donald Trumps the man
House md or The Menalist

Are you a happy person?

Im a happy person because of my friends and family
If im in charge im happy
I was until i took this quiz.. nah just kidding:D
Hell yea life is good;)