What do the cast of 80's knight rider think of you? (girls only)

What do the cast of 80's knight rider think of you? (girls only)

What do the cast of the original Knight Rider think of you? Take this quiz to find out.

published on January 17, 201419 responses 0
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What's the best way to deal with a man who's seen something he shouldn't have?

Kill him.
Threaten him with your large collection of guns. Odds are, he'll keep quiet.
Make him a deal that will ensure that he won't.

What do you usually wear?

Something that allows a lot of movement, but is comfortable.
Something that makes me look threatening.
Something that'll let me make a quick escape, but will still show off certain aspects.

Okay guys, roleplay time!!!

Sounds like fun.
Can I shoot something?

You and Michael are surrounded by thugs and they have Devon, Bonnie, and Kitt. How do you respond?

Point your gun threateningly and accidentally shoot one of them. Oops.
Try to talk your way out of this, while reaching for anything that you could use as a backup.
Kill them all. Problem solved.

Well, your method worked. But, you forgot about the boss with the machine gun. What now?

Give him a warning shot in the foot.
Distract him while carefully sneaking behind him and knocking him out.
Kill him.

Okay! Roleplay is over. Your thoughts?

Finally. I thought I'd have to kill you.
It was fun!
I got to shoot stuff!

Ready to see your answer?

Do I get a gun?
About time.