What kind of test taker are you?

What kind of test taker are you?

Figure out the type of person the pressures of midterms turns you into.

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How concerned are you about your grades?

You care about them, but you generally don't have to worry to much. You would consider
yourself naturally good at school.
They are important to you. Doing your homework and studying for test and finals is part of life.
You aren't very concerned. School stresses you out or you don't see the important of it.

How much time do you spend studying for finals?


Do you find review packets helpful?

Not really because you already know the information.
Yeah, the are good studying tools. Even though they are a lot of work, they help you.
You find them tedious. You don't do them.

Would you consider yourself a good test taker?

Yes. You have always had a knack for test taking.
Not really, though you do have a tendency to get good grades on them.
No. Maybe if you tried but you can just never bring yourself to study in time.

How does finals week make you feel?

Anxious because you know they are important.
Confident in your capabilities to do well.
You try not to think about it. There are more important things.