Hot or not?

Are you hot or not? find out now!!!!! aRE YOU SUPER MODEL HOT Plain jain or super ugo!

published on August 18, 2011133 responses 21 4.3★ / 5

Do guys drool over you and chase u jus to say hi?

nope never!
yeah all the time!
Well theres a few but they never go that far
im in an office all day i wish!

do you got to parties?

not since 1st grade
hell yes dont you remember last night?
nope i got over time all the time
sure somtimes...:|

Do you think your pretty?

well i dont really know.
i dont care

has a stranger ever said you were pretty?

yep constatly
well not really but i don't care about there opinion
never i dont get out of the house
once i think???

have you ever been asked out?

yep all the time my phone is ringing off the hook!
no way are you kidding me!
yeah sometimes...
nope to busy for dating!