Divergent Aptitude Test

Divergent Aptitude Test

This is my first quiz! if i do terrible im sorry, but im going to try! this test is based of the book, "Divergent" by: Veronica Roth. i have fallen in love with this book and i wanted to see if this test would be any good! thanks for taking the test, well if u are going to anyway... thanks!

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What sound more like something that YOU would wear?

something... you and ONLY YOU would wear. it shows who you are.
plain colors and covers most of your body
tells people a story about yourself
a neat dress or something more formal than most people would wear
a cute floral print dress or something floral print.
something showy and noticeable

A man walks up to you and tries to steal your wallet, what do you do?

kick him and fight back, but if he got it.. run after him and most likely tackle him to the ground and beat him...
tell him to stop and give him your purse/whole wallet
Keep the wallet tucked away and tell him what you think about him. come at him with comebacks.. that might result badly though..
stop him and tell him the CORRECT way to steal a wallet
trip him and either run/ give him a dollar or two/ kick him and THEN run!
just drop the wallet and skip away

On a weekend, what would you most likely be found doing?

Debates with friends or gossiping.
Catching up on homework, doing a project, or reading at the library/at home!
Chill'n with your friends and have'n a fun and happy time!
Road trips, camping, having an adventure or laughing hard
helping around the house or just helping in general
hang'n with your bffs and just bursting out laughing until you almost pee yourself.. usually because you remember something funny
or you just look at your friend and start laughing for no real reason... or you're just being yourself and you cant really help it..

At your school, there are a few "groups." Which group would YOU classify yourself as?

Shy and reserved girl/boy
Likes to debate about stuff with friends
Happy Happy Joy Joy fun! Girly Girl! Has fun!
Nerd/ studious person
that... special group of weirdos.. they're SPECIAL.. has a variety of personalities really...

What subject do you like the most in school?

classes where we get to talk about problems and stuff like that
i dont like it but i like helping people with studying.

What faction do YOU think you belong in?

You would be DIVERGENT!!!

What is your favorite food out of these choices?

Chocolate cake and hamburgers
Fruits and Vegetables
Black and White cookies
Chicken and Peas
Like all/none of it

What club would you join at your school?

Charity and service to the community
Debate Club
Book club/science club
Painting club
Sports of any kind really... and other daring things
A club that YOU make

What would your friends describe you as with these choices?

kind and happy
talkative and honest
athletic and daring
smart and studious
that child of amazingness...
helping and time-giving

What job would you most likely find yourself having?

Other unique job
Police officer
Scientist/ geography guy.. idek.. someone smart.
Charity worker