Would I Date You? (For Guys)

Would I Date You? (For Guys)

I Am A Super Awesome Pimpin Ninja. Question Is Would i Date You? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

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Do You Like Screamo Music?

Yes! Screamo All The Way!
No. Evil Sounding Music And Shallow Lyrics.

My Newest Favorite Song Is 'Nobody's In Love' By: 2AM Club. Do You Like That Song?

Hell Yea! Its Amazing! *Me Smiles*
Never Heard Of It.

What's Your View Of Wrestling/Fighting?

Its Fun to Watch!!! *Me Agrees!*

How Old Are You?

Teenager *Me Too*
Elderly Old Man *Oookkkkaaaayyyy?*

I Am A Ninja... Does That Frighten You?

No, I'll Challenge You. *Yay! Ninja Friend!*
Yes. *Me Can See The Fear In Your Eyes!*

Do You Think I Do Lots Of Extra-Curricilar Activities?

Yes, Of Course. Your In Drama, Volleyball, MAth Counts, Acidemic Challenge, Track, Band, and Chorus. *Do You Stalk Me? Haha*
No. You Don't Like Activities.

Will You Comment On Your Result?

Yes, becuase Your My Best Friend, like, Ever :)
No. Becuase You Frighten Me With Your Ninja Moves. *Me Knows*