Sonic High part 8

Sonic High part 8

Some times I feel like I have to hide, who I am. I hate feeling like this.

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"What are you doing? Save my sister!" You yell as Destiny struggles to get free. Silver only smiled at you as he and Alexis flew into the sky. You also noticed that Amethyst and Starla weren't in sight.

What's up?
*gives questioning look*.
What's going on?
I'M SO CONFUSED!!! (Alexis: XD.)
What's he thinking?
Silver what are you thinking? (Silver: >:D) 0-0

Silver held his hands out and smiled. "Ready to try this Alexis?" Silver asked as she smiled. Alexis jumped on his hands and she went spinning higher in the air. She smiled at Metal Sonic before kicking him in the head. He growled, dropped Destiny, and looked at Alexis. "I thought you were on our side, Alexis the Hedgebat," Metal Sonic yelled and flew away.

Nice move.
What happened to Amethyst and Starla?
What is everyone else doing?
Metal Sonic is crazy.
What is he talking about?
I wonder where he's going.

Alexis sighed and she turned her back. Sonic caught Destiny and she smacked him in the face. "Destiny, he save you. Don't smack him," You scold her. She gives you a cold look as your mom ran up too her. "Destiny, I was so worried. You haven't answered your phone or texted me," Your mom said hugging her. "Hi Mrs.(whatever animal you are)," Silver said.

Hi mom. :D
Serously. -_-
What she's my mom.
(She's so embaressing ^-^;)
Hi mom this is my boyfriend. Silver. (Silver: NO I AM NOT!!!)
*staring at the ground*.

"Hi are you all ____ and Destiny's friends?" Everyone nodded. "They are not my friends," Destiny said coldly. "Sonic just saved you and-" You stopped and noticed she was wearing a weird golden necklace. "Where did you get that?" You asked pointing to her. "From my boyfriend, Scourge," She said staring at you with cold eyes. "Boyfriend!" You and your mom yelled at her.

How did SHE get a boyfriend before us?
:P (Alexis: Are you even paying attention?)
she's a b- (Alexis: No cussing.) brick? (Alexis: fine.)

Your mom grabbed her by the wrist and lead her away. You could hear her scream and a slap. Alexis and Silver came down you gave a sad look. "Hey ___ want to come over to my house?" Alexis asked finally speaking from the fight. (not really much of a fight.) "Mom is it fine if I go over to Alexis house?" "Is it alright with her parents?" You leaned close to your mom. "I don't think she has parents mom." "Oh that poor dear," Your mom said covering her mouth. She ran up and hugged Alexis.

Talk about embarrassing.
*hugs also*. (Alexis: Not a hugger!!!) *lets go*. :( (Alexis: I like hugs just not now. ^-^;)
Oh boy.
I feel bad for you.
-_-. seriously.

Alexis death glared you. "___ told me you don't have any parents are you alright? How do you handle living by yourself? Do you have any sisters or brothers?"

*dies due to a lot of questions*.
*zoning out*.
*starts pacing*.
Why am I such a blabber mouth?

"No I don't have any sisters or brothers. I live with Julie, my cousin," Alexis said as your mom released her. She went in for another hug but Shadow came in front of Alexis. You heard Alexis whisper, "Thanks Shadow." Shadow nodded and smirked. "How do you live like that? What happened to your parents?" Your mom continued.


"I don't want to talk about it bye," Alexis said running off with super speed. Your mom stared at her shocked. "How fast is she?" "As fast as me," Sonic pointed at himself. "Me to faker," Shadow said death glaring him.

Tails can FLY. (Alexis&Silver: *start flying*.) Show-offs.
SILVER IS NOT A SHOW-OFF!! (Alexis: He is a little bit.)
Burn! *High-fives Alexis*. (Alexis: *High-fives back*.)
Show-offs. (Alexis: Always full of sunshine. -_- *sarcasam*.)
Sonic has super speed. (Alexis&Shadow: -_-.)
I'm fine with being myself. (Alexis: Good for you.)

"Come on ____ let's go," Sonic said pulling your wrist. "Okay Sonic don't pull me," You said releasing himself. You said bye to your mom and everyone followed. When you and everyone got there you saw that Alexis already left. The smoke from the motorcycle stung your eyes. When you all got to Alexis house you saw the house next to it on fire. Sorry guys my b-day's tomorrow bye. <3

Happy b-day! (Alexis: Thanks. ^-^ <3)
Bye :)