Will I Date You?

Will I Date You?

Yes, No, Maybe, Absolutely, Kinda, I Did Yesterday, Maybe Later, Um... No! So What Are You? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

published on August 18, 201177 responses 18 3.8★ / 5

What Is Your Favorite Color?

Purple *Are You Justin Bieber*
Black *Me Smiles*
Green *Me Smiles Again*

What Do You Think My Favorite Colors Are?

Pink *I'm Rolling My Eyes*
Black/Olive Green
Fushia *Reminds Me Of The Word Sushi*
Orange/Black *Halloween Is Pretty Legit*

Do You Think I'm A Guy Or A Girl?

Both? *Me Rolls My Eyes Again*
Girl *It was Obvious!*
Guy *Did you Not Read Answer Above?!*
Girl *You Did Read Question Above!*
Epic, Amazing, Awesome Girl *Though Its True, I'm Not That Cocky!*
Girl, Obviously.

How Old Do You Think I Is?

Teenager *Better Believe It*
Old Man *Me Growls At The Nonsence*

What Do I Looks Like?

A Girl.
Your Reflection. *Why yes, yes i do!*
Brown Eyes, Brunette, Vertically Challenged * Being 5'1" *
Ummm.... Idk.
A Smirf *Major Eye Roll Here!*

Will You Comment On The Epicness Of This Quiz?

Yes, Becuase Your Awesome! *Yay, Your My New Best Friend!*
No. Stupid Quiz. *Me Growls!*
Uhhh.... sure?
No! Never! *Never Say Never :) *