Which Sonic character would be your best friend part 17

Which Sonic character would be your best friend part 17

This is the last part so sad. Although I'm going to work on another quiz series. :P.

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You woke up to an orange light shining in your eyes. Your eyes snapped open as you were surrounded by fire.

Are still at the party? (Alexis: Yes)
Where are you guys?

You saw who Alexis described to you as Mephiles and Scourge. You saw Knuckles and Silver trying to fight them. "Ready to do this ___?" Alexis asked.

It's now or never.
I am not going to let THEM win.
I am going to win.

Your hands light up with lightning as you shot a spear at Mephiles. You all headed further into town as you noticed Sonic and Scourge were fighting.

Like Julie's power? (Alexis: Yep we all taught you one of our powers)
Do we have chaos powers? (Alexis: Yep Shadow and I taught you.)
Am I as fast as Sonic? (Alexis: Kinda.)

"Guys!" Tails yelled from his plane. "I have something that can help," Tails gave you all a small chip that is suppose to clip on the palm on your hand. Alexis had a purple one, Julie had a light blue chip, Sonic had a dark blue, Tails had an orange, Knuckles had a red, Shadow had a black, and Silver had a gray one. You touched it and you were wearing a robot suit.

Did Tails make these? (Alexis: Tails and I both did.) Wow.
Its awesome.

"They don't stand a chance with these," Tails said. "Oh we don't," Mephiles asked. You flew into the air and punched Mephiles in the head. He growled and slammed you into the road. You held your hands up and shot him with a chaos spear. He fell onto a building roof. You smirked as he growled at you.

I'm going to get him.
The time has come.
He's gonna get it.

Scourge grabbed you by the shoulders and aimed a gun at you. You put up your shield and the bullet reflected off. The whole town now was in fire. You levitated him and slammed him into Mephiles and they both went flying. Alexis had turned into a Rayquaza and shot a shadow ball from her mouth. Julie was on the roof gathering a lot of electricity.

Go Julie.
We rock.
Get em Alexis.

You and Julie used electricity to shock Mephiles. He held you by the neck and started strangling you. You tried to get free as you noticed Silver was out of sight. You got angry and shot Mephiles in the gut with a chaos spear.

Where's Silver?

You soon noticed only you, Sonic, Shadow, and Tails were left. You kicked Scourge in the back of the head as Tails and you were now the only ones left. You heard Bailey's voice suddenly in your head. "___ it's me, Bailey you need to listen to me." "Okay what is it and where is everyone else?" You asked noticing Tails wasn't there? "They are frozen in time," Bailey replied after a while.

What does that mean?

"I am going to get Mephiles and Scourge!" You yelled. All your rage burst out of you. You shot a huge chaos blast towards both of them. You heard them scream as you were surrounded by a white screen. You then noticed statues? You took a closer look and noticed you bumped into Alexis.

Where are Scourge and Mephiles?
*pokes Alexis*.

You looked and saw everyone frozen surrounding you in a circle. You stared at all of them in shock. Who do you unfreeze first? Bye everyone and good luck on the results. <3

Sonic, Silver, and Knuckles
Julie and Tails
Shadow and Alexis