What level horse rider are you?

What level horse rider are you?

Novice, Intermediate, or Expert rider ? Take this quiz to find out! Hope you enjoy!

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How long have you been riding?

-3 years
3-7 years
7+ Years

99% Of "Broken" horses,

Give to pressure
Pull away from pressure

How many of these things have happened to you?

Have you ever been:
bitten ,Stepped on, Fallen off , Cleaned a bridle , Cleaned a saddle ,Been on a Run-A-Way .

two or less of these
all but 1-2 of these
All of these things,multiple times.

Do you know how to tack up?

Umm,No..../Whats "tack"?
Well obviously

Do you know w/t/c (Walk,trot,canter)

Yes,just learned/learning canter though
No,just walk and some trotting
Yes! I've known w/t/c for a year or longer

How many of the following things do you know how to do?
:Do you know how to put on a saddle?
Do you know how to put on a bridle w/bit?
Do you know how to put on a martingale?
Do you know how to walk,Trot, Post,Turn, Pull a mane,
Pick up and clean hoofs,  Put on a blanket.:

-3 ( three or less)
All them

What is the most common bit used?

A straight on, DUH!
An Egg-Butt Snaffle
A Snaffle Bit

Which lead should you be on while catering?

Lead? Whats a lead?
Your inside lead

What is the number ONE aid ?

your saddle? No wait? your reins... Wait... IDK ?
Your Seat?
Your Seat!!

What diagonal should you be on while trotting?

Outside diagonal
Whats a diagonal??

Do you still need to be on lunge/lead when riding?

Heavens NO!