Which Sonic character would be your best friend part 16

Which Sonic character would be your best friend part 16

I am going to soon end this quiz series. As sad as it is it's true. I am going to make a new quiz series so yay! :)

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Shadow asked you and Alexis to help him with his scar. Alexis went to get the make-up to keep his scar looking real and you followed her. When you returned Shadow was so quiet you didn't even notice him till Alexis told him to sit up.

Since when does Shadow take orders?
I actually have to agree with A1.
Shadow go make me a pie! (Shadow:*growls*.) Oh yeah you take orders from her but not me.
Can I have pie? (Alexis: Where going to a party.) So? (Alexis: 0_0? no.)
*pokes Shadow*. (Shadow:*growls*.) Bad dog! (Shadow: I'M NOT A DOG ARE YOU BLIND?! Alexis: Shadow don't shout you know I have bat ears. Shadow:...)
He's so emo. (Shadow:*sneezes*.) I'm going to catch the *mummers*. (Alexis: What?) THE EMO!! (Alexis&Shadow: -_-.)
Shadow IS emo. (Shadow: -_-.)

Alexis kept asking you to help and Shadow stood as still as a statue. You were really surprised by this. "I wanna do something," You complained.

I don't complain. (Alexis: Sure you don't. -_-.)
I'm gonna put pretty pink lipstick on him.*Takes out lipstick*. (Shadow: Put that on me and you die.) *backs away*.
I'm not going to put one thing of make-up on him. (Shadow: Thank you.) I'm going to put a whole kit on him. (Shadow:-_-.) Julie can you help me duct tape him to the chair? (Julie:*brings out duct tape*. Sure.)
Guy's don't put make-up on him. (Shadow:*is duct taped to a chair*. Alexis:*takes out chainsaw*.) A3&Julie: *back away*.
*tries to force lipstick on Shadow*. (Shadow: Chaos bla- Alexis:*Grabs you and puts in a corner*. Silver keep her there. Silver:*puts force field around*.) :(
*death glaring Shadow*.
:P. (Alexis: :P. Everyone but Shadow: :P. Shadow: -_-.)

You saw Shadow close his eyes and you poked him. "I'm awake." You continued to watch as Alexis finished.

We didn't get to help.
T-T. (Alexis: Don't cry.) T-T
I want a cookie. (Sonic: *hands cookie*. Alexis: Sonic. Sonic: :P. Alexis: *Grabs cookie*. Sonic:*Takes cookie*. Alexis: GET BACK HERE MR!!!! Sonic:*Gives back cookie*. Alexis: :P)
You threatened him for a cookie? (Alexis: Don't mess with the cookie.)
Silver let me go! (Silver: Should I? Alexis: Sure why not. Silver:*releases you*.)

You went outside and waited for Knuckles and Silver. You all decided to walk to the party. It was a star light night and you were all dressed up in the your costume. Who do you try and start a conversation?

Silver :P
Sonic. :)

Okay stopping here good luck on results. :) <3